To Nurul Atiqah Bt. Ismail ..

i want u to think carefully before u make a decision .. i don't want u make a wrong decision ya ! i luv u so much . so , listen this carefully . mybe HE is serious about his feeling to you .. it is wrong for he to luv a person like u ? u are pretty , kind n clever .. don't judge a book from it's cover ya ! remember that .. i think u are matured person to think this problem .. both of u ar my frenz .. i will do for ur happiness .. remember .. think carefully .. i want u make a right decision .. it comes once in life .. so , grab it with both of ur hand .. 

p/s to all FOLLOWERS : sorry if there any grammar error .. i could not speak in English well . tenkiu .
p/s to NURUL ATIQAH : read this .. this is for u dear .. :)

Thanks For Reading Peeps

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